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2004 Great Alumni
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Robert C. Adams Class of 1936

Robert C. Adams was the valedictorian of the Class of 1936 of Mt. Lebanon High School. He graduated with highest honor from the University of Pittsburgh and received his Master of Business Administration from Harvard University. He served as a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army in World War II and received two battlefield promotions in Okinawa. He has been happily married for sixty-two years to Patricia Adams, is the father of seven children, the grand-father of twenty-five children, and the great-grandfather of four children. He was the chief editor of the Harvard Business School Alumni News Magazine, Class of February, 1947.

Mr. Adams started his career as Vice President for Adams Brothers Manufacturing Company but closed the company in 1967 to pursue a career with Westinghouse Electric Company. Mr. Adams is a CA Licensed Professional Engineer, Nuclear Engineering. During his tenure with Westinghouse, Mr. Adams wrote the Original Quality Assurance manual for Nuclear Valve Assemblies for a project directed by Admiral Rickover. He worked on the first military nuclear reactor for Washington Class submarines. As a nationally pre-eminent expert on nuclear valve technology, Mr. Adams was retained for consulting and auditing by most major utilities that had nuclear capacity. He provided professional results with respect to repairs and function on multi-billion dollar facilities, including the Indian River GE Nuclear Reactor in Brownsville, Texas.


Gary D. Brown Class of 1967
Gary is a 1971 graduate of Westminster College.  While at Westminster, he was a 3-year starter on the basketball team and voted the most valuable player during his junior and senior years.  He was also captain of the team and a NAIA First Team All-District and Honorable Mention All-American selection.  Gary is President of Iron City Sash & Door Company, a family owned business founded in 1952.  He built and owned the Greentree Racquet Club for twenty-seven years. 

“Gary is a lifetime resident of Mt. Lebanon who has devoted countless hours of volunteer service to our school district and community.  His emphasis has been in service that has benefited the students of our school.  His love, energy and enthusiasm have been most evident as he has assisted our boys’ and girls’ basketball programs for the past twenty years.  He has made many sacrifices in his business schedule to fulfill his commitment to serve our young people.  Gary has privately contributed financially to many projects that would benefit our young people.” (Richard Black)  Gary was a leader in establishing a college scholarship fund and coordinating a series of fundraisers for the seven year old daughter of a fellow Mt. Lebanon graduate who died unexpectedly at an early age.

A few days following September 11, Gary stocked seven of his company’s trucks with needed basic essentials and with 14 of his drivers, drove to New York City.  Upon delivery of the goods, the drivers returned home.  Gary stayed and worked at Ground Zero with the Salvation Army for many days delivering such goods and other essentials to the disaster relief workers.  Gary currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army of Greater Pittsburgh. “Gary ALWAYS takes time to help people in need.” (Richard Black)



Ian Cannon Class of 1974
Ian Cannon is a rocket scientist turned businessman. Ian aspired to be a veterinarian while at Mt. Lebanon. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1979 and has 12 technical papers to his credit. Ian has worked on many projects since 1978 at Boeing Rocketdyne in Canoga Park, California. Highlights include: leadership on Solar One Power Tower, implementation of welding robotics, engine systems hardware lead for the Aerospike rocket engine, Systems Development manager, and his latest role, running a consulting business. Ian is considered a proposal expert, having worked in proposal leadership over one hundred times, contributing to business capture of over $600 million. He has traveled extensively teaching these techniques for Rockwell & Boeing. Mr. Cannon has received numerous awards, with a highlight as 1986 Society of Manufacturing Engineers “Young Manufacturing Engineer of the Year” – one of 12 world wide, for efforts in implementing welding robotics for use in fabricating the Space Shuttle Main Engines.

Mr. Cannon enjoys teaching and has provided instruction for Diversity Awareness, Management Skills, Robotics, Windsurfing, Business Communications for Professionals (UCLA), and Proposal Preparation (Santa Barbara City College).  Ian is active in his community and speaks at middle and high schools on the importance of education, career and life planning through the Youth Motivation Task Force.  He also serves on the Math Engineering Science Achievement Program as advisor to minority high school students, and is active in the Boy Scouts of America and YMCA.


Mark Cuban Class of 1976
Mark Cuban co-founded, the leading provider of multi-streaming on the Internet, and sold it to Yahoo! in 1999.  Prior to, Mr. Cuban headed Micro-Solutions, a leading National Systems Integrator and later sold it to CompuServe.  In 2000 he purchased the Dallas Mavericks.  Mr. Cuban was successful at instilling a sense of pride and passion into Mavericks fans by cheering from the same seats as he had in years past.  He also became the only owner in team sports to encourage fan interaction through email on his personal computer.  It was through personal touch that fans around the world began to notice Mark Cuban’s entertaining personality and take notice of the Mavericks.  He has personally responded to thousands of emails, and has taken suggestions from fans that have led to innovative changes such as a new three-sided shot clock.  Mark Cuban’s enthusiastic attitude and commitment to winning has everyone’s attention.  A few years ago, Mr. Cuban founded HDNet, an all high-definition television network on DirectTy.

Mark Cuban has also been widely recognized for his many charitable contributions and for serving as a mentor and inspiration to young people.  He likes to put people in a position to succeed as evidenced by his most recent project, a reality television series, The Benefactor.  This program gives contestants the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills and talents with the hope of winning one million dollars.  A Mt. Lebanon Magazine article written by Joel Roteman (December, 2001) stated that Mark indicated his success “is beyond anything I could imagine…I am about having fun and enjoying my friends and family; I had a great time growing up in Mt. Lebanon. I developed friendships and whatever good or bad habits I have for life.”  Mark lives in Dallas with his wife and daughter.  He returns to Mt. Lebanon for visits with his family and friends.


Sandra Moore Faber Class of 1962
Sandra Moore Faber was the 1962 class valedictorian at Mt. Lebanon High School.  She received a B.A. in Physics from Swarthmore College in 1962 and a Ph.D. in Astronomy from Harvard in 1972.  She is University Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and was the first female astronomer on the staff of the Lick Observatory. Sandra played a leading role in establishing the presence of cold dark matter in the Universe and elucidating its key role in galaxy and structure formation.  She and the other “Seven Samurai” discovered huge irregularities in the expansion of the Universe, caused by cold dark matter. 

Dr. Faber led the scientific case for 8-10 m class telescopes, leading to construction of the twin 10-m Keck Telescopes on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.  With colleagues on the Wide-Field Planetary Camera team, she diagnosed the flaw in the Hubble Space Telescope mirror and helped to design the successful recovery effort.  In the1990’s, Dr. Faber led construction of the advanced DEIMOS spectrograph at Keck Observatory, which is being used to conduct the first large-scale red shift survey of 65,000 galaxies in the distant Universe.  The survey takes advantage of the “lookback” ability of big telescopes to study galaxy formation as it occurred billions of years ago.  She is married to attorney Andrew L. Faber and has two daughters, Robin and Holly.



John Frank Class of 1980
John was a distinguished football star at Mt. Lebanon High School, Ohio State University, and with the National Football League San Francisco 49ers.  He retired from pro football while at the top of his game at age 28 to complete medical school at Ohio State, going on to a career in surgery in the San Francisco area.  He is a leader in the Northern California Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and other service organizations.  Recently, Dr. Frank helped to found and fund the first Israeli Bobsled Federation Team, Israel’s youngest Olympic Association.  He also competes on the team as the brakeman.

Dr. Frank was recognized as an athlete by the All Big Ten in his junior and senior year at Ohio State and was a three time Academic All American while there.  He was also the team captain, most valuable player, and most inspirational player.  He ranks as one of the top five athletic scholars in the United States and was a candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship.  He was on two winning teams for the Super Bowl and twice on the All Madden Team.  Dr. Frank was inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

“John Frank is an ideal candidate because he exemplifies our district’s commitment to academic and athletic excellence as well as to community service and citizen participation.  Through the Bobsled Federation, John is helping to bring the ideals of the Olympic movement – building a peaceful and better world through sport, mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play – to the Middle East.” (Dave Black)



Peter W. Gregory Class of 1976
Commander Peter Gregory is a previous recipient of the Mt. Lebanon Distinguished Alumni Award.  He graduated from Grove City College in 1980.  Afterwards, he graduated from the Pittsburgh Theological Institute with a Masters Degree in 1983. Entering the Navy in 1986, he is a graduate of the Navy Command and Staff College as well as the recipient of 4 Commendation Awards for Operations Excellence in combat zones such as the Persian Gulf and Bosnia.  Presently, Commander Gregory is the Deputy Program Manager for Pastoral Services for Commandant, Naval District in  Washington, D. C.

“He has been a cornerstone to the command’s high morale and retention.  Commander Gregory’s distinctive accomplishments, unrelenting perseverance, and steadfast devotion to duty reflected credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.” (Award Citation)



Richard J. Madden Class of 1952
Richard J. Madden truly valued the education he received from the Mt. Lebanon School District.  When he graduated in 1952, he was undecided about continuing his education due to a lack of funds.  At that time, it was possible to work extra jobs in order to finance one’s education, which is what he did.  He went on to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Engineering.

Mr. Madden began his business career upon graduation from Pitt, designing process control computer hardware for Westinghouse industrial products.  In 1969, he and a former colleague from Westinghouse founded Computerm Corporation, one of the first and most successful technology companies in Pittsburgh, employing more than 100 people.  Computerm’s successful work with the University of Pittsburgh spearheaded the company’s significant achievements for the next three decades.  Mr. Madden served as the Chief Executive Officer of Computerm from 1991 until 2000 when the company was sold to Inrange Technologies Corporation.  Richard Madden has built a distinguished career of entrepreneurship. His successful newest business, The Future Fund, is a venture capital organization that provides backing to first-time entrepreneurs.

In 2001 he established The Richard J. Madden Foundation to support undergraduate students pursuing degrees in the Department of Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering Program at the University of Pittsburgh.  His Foundation also provides post-secondary scholarship assistance to students graduating from Mt. Lebanon High School.  He has been the donor of many significant "Thank You" scholarships to graduates of Mt. Lebanon High School.

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